Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"...we don't need no Education. We don't need no Thought Control..."

Last I looked, it was the 21st Century, right? Why is it then that Humanity seems to have devolved when it comes to solving current problems? Take the mideast, Israel and Palestine in particular...don't like your neighbors? Build a WALL! It hasn't ever worked in the whole of human history but WHO KNOWS? Maybe this time it will. Jericho, China, Berlin...why focus on Man's repeated failures with WALL TECHNOLOGY. Hey America! Tired of Undocumented Illegal Immigration? BUILD A WALL! Surely we can make it work. We can preserve FREEDOM by keeping people out of it unless they say "Mother, may I?"

Berlin Wall = BAD
America Wall = GOOD (right?!)

Aren't we supposed to be solving Modern Problems with Cutting-Edge Solutions? Gene Therapy, Nanotechnology, String Theory and Artificial Intelligence and the best we can come up with is BUILD A WALL? Resurrect Fred Flinstone, it's Stone Age Technology to the Rescue!

Would the Grass actually be Greener on the Other Side if there wasn't a boundary indicating where our side ends? Can Freedom really be limited by concrete and steel at its edges? Do we really want it to be?

Yesterday's Music: BEAUTIFUL WORLD by DEVO (a Sweet Romantic place...)

Tomorrow! We solve our Petroleum Addiction by returning to hand carts and horse-drawn carriages! Whew! This Wall thing is out of control!

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