Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"now we begin, now we start..."

04/05/06 (what an eerie alignment of ascending sequential numbers...what may it portend?)


As a child, I wanted a DEATH-RAY that shot out of my eyes. Instead, I got a BORE-YOU-TO DEATH-RAY that shoots out of my mouth. Be careful what I wish for...

My Inner Monologue has always leaked out of the cracks in my poorly meshed skull. Now it spills like lava from Mauna Loa into the blogospere...hardening as it hits the cold of cyberspace...creating an Island of fits, folly, fantasy and fun.

EpistleofTimothy - located just west of Wit's End - population 1 so far, with room to expand our minds. I hope to develop this site with silliness, sarcasm, shocks and serenity. I pray that Godallahbuddhajehovahshivauniverse will bless this gathering round the Sacred Oaktreealtarmeccamotherearth with all of the LOVE S/He possesses. I'll be RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES & LOOSELY BASED ON ACTUAL PEOPLE AND EVENTS. The NAMES will not be changed because I've never met an INNOCENT.

I will practice Tolerance (unless I feel Intolerant about something) although it is not in my nature to suffer fools because FOOL is MY gig in this life. I will caper and frollic with arms akimbo. If my Curiousity makes you Question my Work here is done. If my Words make you Think, it's unintentional and I hope it doesn't hurt too much.

Welcome! Willkomen! Bienvenue! Come On In!

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jungle dream pagoda said...

What an amazing,champagne christening, to the bog world. I too have succomed to the lure of the blog.