Friday, April 14, 2006

"...the Temperature's Rising, it isn't Surprising. The Girl She Really can Can-Can!"

From the Land of Sky-Blue Water,,,It's Hot! April in Minnesota is usually a pleasant affair. The Sun has returned after six months of darkness, snow has melted and everyone dumps the boyfriend or girlfriend they had paired with to stay warm in the hopes of Trading-Up. Not this year, children! Temperatures that usually average in the upper 50s have topped 80 for three days!

GLOBAL WARMING?! But the Bush Administration says it's not real? I'm confused - could our Nation's elected leaders be WRONG?! After all, they've hired the best Scientists that Big Oil Money can buy? This just rocks my world, I mean "W" promised to bring a new sense of Honesty and Integrity to Government, surely he wouldn't be promoting the few Scientists that still have their heads in the rapidly expanding desert sands and quashing those that dare to agree with the Worldwide scientific consensus...would he? Just to keep the U.S. from commiting to any reduction of Greenhouse gasses that would require our Fat-Cat oil companies to apply some of their record corporate profits to cleaner technologies? He wouldn't leave the resolution of our part of this acknowledged crisis to a future Administration like he has the War in Iraq? Would he?

Bet your ass.

Yesterday's Music: ALL OF MY HEART by 80's band ABC.

This Weekend: I Dive into the Deep End of the Wisdom Pool, Pull out the Cliche You've Chosen and Revive It with the Lip-Lock of Life!

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AJenkins said...

Government lying? Wow, totally new concept there! Especially with the (choke) Republican's at the helm. :-) I like the definition of spring too! Thanks for the smiles Timothy! Have a Good Day!