Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I keep forgetting to be adequately PARANOID when I'm typing my Blog postings. After all, I now know for sure that my Government is eavesdropping on communications initiated by its CITIZENS, i.e ME. So I'm sure they're Data-mining the Internet to root out out of the contrarian opinions about the state of affairs in our Nation's Capital.

My GOOGLE search for "bushmen" led me to the pictures I posted todayand probably earned me a spot on "THE NSA'S 280 MILLION MOST SUSPICIOUS ABOUT" list.

I'm sure its not as simple to end up as a regular stop on the NSA favorites list as typing the word "bush." You probably have to use the word "incompetent" or "illegal"or "strategery" to have a SECRET DIGITAL FILE created by the MASTER RIGHT-WING COMPUTER DATA-BASE. But if that's the case, the Department of Justice (less spandex than the Justice League, for those of you who get them confused) is probably trying to resurrect J. EDGAR (does this nightie make me look fat?) HOOVER to harrass me personally.

But just to make sure:
Dick Cheney's Lesbian Daughter

There! Now I know they're reading!

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jungle dream pagoda said...

So ,being on this list is ...a bad thing?