Sunday, April 09, 2006

"...around the World, the trip began with a Kiss..."

This Just In...Today the WHO and CDC (you remember them, they were killing us all with SARS three years ago) announced that an unimagined, unanticipated and unholy union of two potentialy deadly viruses had been detected worldwide! H5N1 and Monkey pox have married and mutated into...FLYING MONKEY POX! Twice as deadly and peculiarly attracted to gay men over 40 and anyone who recorded SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW afer Judy Garland. FLYING MONKEY POX...coming soon to a CNN PRESENTS with DR SANJAY GUPTA near you...

I find it much more pleasant to FEAR! the unknown and unlikely than I do the Reality that surrounds us. After all, hypothetical FEAR! can be way over the top, the less likely the FEAR!ful occurence the better. Cathartic, cleansing and easy to share with others. Though we are more likely killed in an auto accident, if CNN harped on our odds of dying in a car in hour-long specials and everytime they updated the news of the day, we might actually be troubled by the odds.

So we worry about the unknown killer plague the same way we fantasize about the $360 million POWERBALL - odds so great against it happening to us it's a safe place to dwell. Are worry and fantasy all that different in the end? Obsessive thinking about perceived negative or positive hypothetical events. Two sides of the same coin and neither one does anything to move toward the outcomes. Just thoughts spinning in place.

Yesterday's Music: GARY NUMAN with his one-hit-wonder CARS..."It's the only way to Live in Cars..."

This Week: Will Timothy be tapped to replace MEREDITH VIERA on THE VIEW? Do Lawmakers need a two-week Easter Egg Hunt? Just how many people are there in CANADA, really?

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