Thursday, April 13, 2006

Take a Moment to Save a Life

Even my silliness must sometimes be humbled by the sober reality of the world in which we enjoy enormous freedoms. Not all of the world's residents are as lucky as I am. As we are.

Nazanin is an 18 year old Iranian woman, sentenced to die for stabbing to death one of the three men who tried to rape her. Had she allowed the rape, she would have risked death by stoning for being an adulteress.

I've posted the link to the Petition site to save Nazanin's life below. Over 12,000 people have signed already. The Petiton attempts to add International pressure to the Iranian government to commute her Death Sentence. Such pressure has succeeded in the past. You may sign and remain anonymous. This campaign was launched by a former Miss Canada, also from Iran, who shares Nazanin's name. Her site is posted as well.

The God of Abraham that we share values all Life, regardless of Gender.



    I_blog_therefore_I_am said...

    For Abraham's God. Thanks for the link.

    Amy J said...

    Thanks for sending this out, Timothy. Signed and forwarded.