Thursday, April 06, 2006

"many Good Days go by (water flowing underground) Once In A Lifeime!"

04/06/06 (Two Months 'til Mark Of The Beast Day...what'll I wear...?")

But First...

A Moment of Silence for ex-Speaker of the House, soon to be ex-Representative from Sugarland, Tx., Tom Delay...Yes A Moment of Silence and perhaps a Tear..Oops! Sorry, I Farted..well, I guess that'll do...

I'd love to believe in COMMUPPENCE, THEY'RE getting THEIRS!, Cosmic Justice...but the arithmetic of KARMA rarely resolves in ONE LIFETIME.

But I know if They Get Theirs! I must prepare to Get Mine! So things Just Happen to People regardless of whether I think they're Good or Bad.

Yesterday's Music, Tony and Maria in WEST SIDE STORY. Tune in Tomorrow for today's Old School Artist!

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